Blessed Are


The Poor in Spirit and Those Who Mourn

In this talk, we ┬ábreak down what it means to live a life Jesus calls blessed. That Jesus sees you as a blessed person when you know you’re spiritual bankruptcy and mourn over your sin.


The Meek, Merciful and The Hungry and Thirsty

In this talk, we discuss Garrett Huxford helps us see the realities of being meek, merciful and putting ourselves in a position to be hungry and thirsty for more of God’s righteousness.


The Pure in Heart Peacemakers

In this talk, we discover an Old Testament character that embodied both of these beatitudes and look at his example as one to follow ourselves.


The Persecuted, Salt and Light

In this talk, we discover that living as Salt and Light in our world can lead to real persecution but that is a mark of righteousness in the eyes of God.