We are SO EXCITED to GROW as followers of Jesus with these wonderful resources for spiritual formation. If this is your first time using the library, please read the procedures below. Thank you!

Library Procedures

  1. Please fill the CHECK-OUT form below BEFORE you check-out ANY book in our library. ONLY ONE BOOK AT A TIME MAY BE CHECKED OUT. (Except if you are a parent. You can check out a children’s book for your child. Just fill the form again).
  2. If you need to keep the book longer than 30 days, please check it out again after 30 days.
  3. Let’s take good care of our books: please do not mark or write in the book in any way.
  4. We built this system on the honor code, please return the book immediately after reading so that others in our church family may be blessed by it.
  5. We recommend you set a REMINDER on your phone 30 days from the date you check out the book so you can either return it or check it out again.
  6. When you Check-In the book, please make sure you fill out the Check-In Form below.