Welcome to Lake Springs Church





Our worship times are 9 and 10:30am* every Sunday.

*Lake Springs Kids @ 10:30am Only.


Helping people be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and do what Jesus did.


Our Vision

To be a Holy People in Holly Springs. 


Formation. Hospitality. Family.


God, well-forming His church into mature believers.


To create environments where anyone and everyone feel welcome and invited into God’s Family.


God, shaping households to be places of Joy, Peace, Hope and Love.

The Practices

These are daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly rhythms we practice in hopes that we will look more like Jesus.

Check us out before you come in person

Whether you have never attended in person, or have just missed a recent celebration, check out what you missed right here.  

What to Expect

We want to take the opportunity to give you a glimpse at what you can expect before you attend our church. First, if you are a family looking for a church home, you quickly see that we have a ton of young families. We have a fully equipped team of background checked volunteers excited to meet you and your family. Our worship services typically are between an hour and an hour and fifteen minutes in length. You can expect high energy and inspirational music that celebrates Jesus. We also spend 30-40 minutes in God’s word learning, being challenged and growing together. At the height of our service each week, is communion. This is a guided time, so no worries about having to come in contact with anyone while partaking in the Lord’s Supper. 

Church News and Updates

Check out what is happening here at Lake Springs. We are always up to something.

One of the best ways to give is by setting up a recurring gift online. It takes just a few minutes to set up. Giving online is safe, secure, and easy. Please consider giving to impact the Kingdom through Lake Springs.

Meet Our Pastor

Hey there. My name is Derek Koone. I lead our church here at Lake Springs. If you have never been to our church, let me invite you to join us this week. Over the last few years of ministry here I have truly come to love this church with all my heart. My hope is that you will feel the same way. If we can help you or your family in anyway, please let us know. We are always happy to help in any way we can.

See You Sunday,

Derek – Lake Springs Pastor

Our Staff

Meet our team that makes the dream work.

David leads all things that have to do with worship and creative arts. This includes music on Sundays and creative elements within the service and around the church.

David Rengifio

Worship Leader, Lake Springs Church

Lynn works with the pastors to make sure they have everything they need. She also maintains our church database and guest follow-up process.

Lynn Fleming

Church Admin, Lake Springs Church

Connect with us 

Say Hello!

Give us as much information as you feel comfortable giving us, and we will reach out to you soon.